Villa 1 Wood Front copy


Where the countryside meets contemporary life, Driftwood’s Villas are the perfect coupling of rustic and refined.

Our sophisticated take on the modern farmhouse features clean lines and steel-framed picture windows which elevate the exterior and illuminate the interior. Creative floorplans harmonize with the views for a free-flowing interior living space designed for taking it easy.


  • Floor-to-ceiling windows for abundant natural light
  • Covered outdoor patios with built-in BBQ
  • Open floor plan on main level
  • Pool & spa
  • Built-in wine storage
  • Flex spaces
  • Exterior finish options – all wood or wood and stone combination
Villa1 Wood Stone Front copy
Villa 1 Wood Stone Back copy
Villa 1 Wood Front copy
Villa 1 Wood Back copy
DW Villa One Floorplan copy
Villa2 Wood Front copy
Villa 2 Wood Back copy
Villa2 Wood Stone Front copy
Villa2 Wood Stone Back copy
DW Villa Two Floorplan copy
Villa3 Wood Front copy
Villa3 Wood Back copy
Villa3 Stone Front copy
Villa3 Stone Back copy
DW Villa Three Floorplan

Villa One - Wood Stone front

Villa One - Wood Stone back

Villa One - Wood Front

Villa One - Wood back

Villa One - Floorplan

Villa Two - Wood Front

Villa Two - Wood back

Villa Two - Wood Stone front

Villa Two - Wood Stone back

Villa Two - Floorplan

Villa Three - Wood Front

Villa Three - Wood Back

Villa Three -Stone Front

Villa Three - Stone Back

Villa Three - Floorplan

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